Margaret Love Bennett, MFA

Margaret Love Bennett is an accomplished MFA artist who combines personal introspection with concepts inherent to process and systems theory that she correlates to symbolic and abstract visual narratives. 

Margaret embraces that art is life, and life is art given the canon of quantum reality that connections are everything. Exponential concepts motivate her to create from a space of intrinsic self-reflection. 

Recurring symbols have included wounds, scars, halos, nests, sacred hearts, flames, circles, repetitive marks, squares, the egg, hot spots of illumination, and other gestures that convey way points in her thoughts and feelings as they make their way into visual form. 

A native of South Carolina, Margaret resides in the foothills of the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming. She earned her MFA in painting from Winthrop University and exhibited in solo and group shows in her early career. She is interested in the creative process and communicating authenticity. Margaret’s work is included in several public collections and in numerous private and international collections.  

Explore maggieorganizingchaos where Margaret writes about the authenticity and connection inherent in whole life learning/unschooling:
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